The Brrrrrd is Back

Since returning from a dream vacation in Iceland, we must have brought back the cold and rain to Morocco….

Iceland, by the way, was a magical land full of volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, snow, music, coffee, and wondrous local and international cuisine. The contrasts of colors around the island between the black lava rocks, green moss/grass, deep blue ocean waters, and white glaciers were out of this world. Needless to say, we want to go back for seconds. Also during our brief stopover in England, we received our share of junk food, James Bond, and English speaking.

Now back to Morocco and the “brrrd” (cold in Darija)….  Honestly, we just stayed in the winter clothes that we were wearing off the plane in Iceland and England. Changes in Morocco, both hot and cold, happen within literally a couple of hours sometimes. The heating power of the sun is amazing, and I miss it at this moment. Now I am huddled in a blanket wearing a coat, scarf, and wool hat.

The actual temperature isn’t even that cold yet… According to the internet,  it’s only in the low 40s now, yet in our concrete home (with no insulation), it feels like maybe 25 degrees. This means soon, when we actually hit freezing outside, our whole home will be an electricity saving refrigerator. Of course with all that said, since I can’t see my breath, I shouldn’t talk just yet. That image reminds me of how cold Ifrane was during our initial training period. A cold you could never fully escape, no matter how many socks and blankets you put on.

Anyway, thanks for reading my quick weather update. We have a ton of work to do right now, which we are both very excited about, so hopefully we will talk again soon.




4 responses to “The Brrrrrd is Back

  • Sally Crane

    Wonderful to hear about your trip to Iceland. Wish I could send you a couple of German down blankets. Y’all know how I dislike cold and being cold where you can not get warm. That is the most uncomfortable a person can be (to me). Have enjoyed your pictures so much. Love Grammy

    • auntie eve

      The holidays are closing in a week from thanksgiving. Wanted to wish you a bontiful thanksgiving..your vacation sounded wonderful..hopefully the winter won’t be so cold or st least have a stove of some kind handy. Take care. Eve

  • jacqueline kumery

    Hi Nick and Brittany,

    I knew you would enjoy Iceland. I went in July and it was pretty chilly then too so I can imagine it was cold.but just as beautiful.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving and try to stay warm.

    Love, Grandma

  • Jackie Karnezis

    I’m glad you had fun in Iceland!

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