Whistle while we work…

… And lose track of time.

Well, these last couple of months have flown by. We had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays, and now it’s already almost March or “month 3 (shar tleta)” as we say in Arabic. I really can’t believe how fast everything has flown by. Just looking at the last post about the English conference is a perfect example of how fast life keeps on truckin’.

Since then we have been teaching more classes at the youth center along with many other things throughout the community. Whether it has been teaching women at a women’s center for Brittany or myself working with a local small business, we have further embraced community integration. Even just grabbing coffee with some local Moroccan friends has been quite rewarding and exciting for me. Who would have thought our schedules would be so full? To be honest, life is sometimes quite tiring at the moment, but I think it’s definitely worth it. 

We have also been busy helping other PCVs with projects like a fun weekend of mural paintings with kids from a youth center in a small town nearby. This place was one of the prettiest places we’ve been to recently… surrounded by palm trees, beautiful mountain cliffs, and plenty of donkeys/goats (both of which can be quite loud).

We also traveled to the nearby sand dunes of Erg Chebbi or simply known as Merzouga (the closest town name) to most people. These sand dunes are what our region is famous for, and now I understand why. The huge, red sand dunes are quite unique and beautiful, and you can check out photos from my Flickr account (also right sidebar).

Anyway with all this said, I must depart and prepare for my next class today. That along with the fact that we have to hand wash everything…. clothes, dishes, etc. A quick tip to brighten your day maybe… Do not take automatic dishwashers and washing machines for granted! When we return to the States, we will definitely not. This is especially true in the winter when the water and everything is so cold. 



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